Gluten-Free Restaurants

Posted by Lee Aase @LeeAase, Oct 10, 2017

I have celiac disease and need to have gluten-free meals. I have some good recommendations in Rochester but would like to get recommendations from others, as well as for Jacksonville and Scottsdale/Phoenix. Here are some of the restaurants in Rochester that have gluten-free menus or gluten-free designations on their regular menus.

Chipotle (bowls and salads can be gluten-free)
Outback Steakhouse
Victoria’s Express (has take-out salads)

What other recommendations do you have?

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My mother is celiac so we have explored every restaurant in Rochester. Almost every place can accommodate the necessity for GF food, although we’ve run into language/cultural barriers in some ethnic restaurants. Broadway Pizza offers GF pizzas, as does Godfathers Pizza (although more limited options than Broadway because they are pre-made).


I believe the People’s Co-op in Rochester also offers gluten free items in their deli, including cakes. Not in Rochester, BUT my daughter found this listing for a GF-dedicated bakery in Eagan, MN. She is excited to check it out – especially with the holidays coming up and limited options for the Thanksgiving meal.

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yes Bitter sweet bakery is awesome!


Mr Pizza North has pizzas and nachos. BB’s pizza also


For Rochester… and the surrounding area you can look up se mn celiac support group. they have a facebook page as well.


Jacksonville- V Pizza. I know the downtown Jacksonville one has a separate kitchen for their gluten free dough prep (I cannot speak for the one at Jacksonville Beach). They cook their gluten free pizzas on a pan only for their gluten free dough. The staff were trained to watch for cross contamination and the importance of this for those with celiac disease. Palm Valley Fish Camp and North Beach Fish Camp would also be good recommendations.

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Thanks for the V Pizza recommendation. I tried the Jax Beach location this week and it was good!


If you want great pizza, Pasquale’s has gluten free pizza.

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