Gratitude, Recognition, Appreciation - How do you say "thank you"?

Posted by Kaisa Wieneke @wienekekaisa, Oct 18, 2017

Hi All, My name is Kaisa Wieneke, Worksite Wellness Manager based in Rochester - very excited to have a way for our Champions to connect with one another across the enterprise!
It's a busy time here at Mayo, and as we head into the holiday season (if you count Halloween, it's coming up quick!), it becomes especially important to take a step back and say thank you to those around you. How have you said thank you to your colleagues or friends? What's an approach that has been well-received? I'm always looking for new and creative ways to show my appreciation in a genuine and creative way and I know this group is so creative!

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It's hard to know what people want or feel comfortable with when saying thanks. With my colleagues, I will always say thanks (in- person or in an email) but often times point out their good works in a team meeting. When a colleague truly goes above and beyond the expectation of helping, I will use Mayo's Above and Beyond aware recognition. This can be anonymous if you feel your colleague is the type of person that does not like social recognition. If nothing else, why not a little piece of chocolate on their desk with a smiley-face post-it note!

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