House for rent near St Marys Campus, Rochester

Posted by lindsk @lindsk, Oct 19, 2020

This house is in my neighborhood. I don't know any details–just know it is not my landlord's phone number. The number is (507) 281-4383. I'm sharing it because I love my neighborhood. Walking/biking distance from St Marys, near a bus stop for the Downtown campus. I feel safe in the neighborhood and people are friendly (I'm a white 50-y/o woman so I know it can be easy to be friendly to that category, but there are Black Lives Matter signs in multiple yards and no Trump/Pence signs in the close neighborhood). Address is 417 18-1/2 Ave SW, and the zip code is 55902. I've lived here 7 months and it has looked well kept up during that time.

Thanks for your information.

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