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Posted by KATHOMPSON @kathompson3207, Dec 10, 2018


I will be moving to Rochester in February and starting as a nurse the end of the month. I am looking for a 12 month lease rental. Does anyone have any recommendations? Are there realtors in the area anyone would suggest I could work with to make this process easier? I would love to be close to town, have a garage and dog (small) friendly. Please send suggestions along! Thanks!! Kristin

GrandeVille at Cascade Lakes is really nice! If you are working at either St. Mary's or the Downtown campus, the West shuttle lot is right next door. A quick 5 minute bus ride with buses going back and forth every 10 minutes. It is very pet friendly and has a lot of perks in the club house. Right now I have a two bedroom with an attached garage and I couldn't be happier.



Thanks! Did you check out any other places you liked as well? I was trying to see if I could get a realtor so they could pick a handful for me to look at versus doing this on my own. I have not idea about any of the areas surrounding Mayo. Any other tips for me during my move — please share 🙂 K



I checked out four places while I was here for my POPA visit. The places I would not recommend are the townhomes on ValleyDrive NW or private condo's in the holiday inn building Downtown (No Parking).

I did however have a hard time choosing between the Quarry Ridge Apartments just 5 blocks from St. Mary's Hospital and GrandeVille. Both were "IRET" properties and had great ammenities. Quarry Ridge has a bus that runs every half hour to both Downtown and St. Mary's for $30/Month or $1 a day which was pretty nice, and also had Underground parking instead of a garage. What I do recommend when you are touring places is if you like the place, put a hold on it while you are still looking. It is crazy how fast places go in this town. When i looked at a place at 11:30, it was taken by the time I came back at 3 to put a hold on it. Private message me if you want to know more about either place.


I have a room abailable in a three bed two bath house. It’s about a block and a half from a bus stop and only 4 miles from down town. If interested, private message me.

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