Winter Well-Being Discussion Board

Posted by Nicole Block @nicolerawlings, Nov 3, 2020
This is an opportunity for Mayo Clinic employees to share their expertise with colleagues. Employees are empowered to create and lead special interest events or groups to help foster colleague connection, reduce isolation, and gain new friendships and skills. From balloon making to leading a book club, sharing your “hidden” talents is appreciated.

We want to see how Winter Well-Being is going for you! Share your experience or photos from Special Events/Interest Group activities. 


If you are interested in learning more about Special Events/Interest Groups, go here.

If you want to check out what events are available, go here.

If you are ready to lead a group, let us know!

Interested in more discussions like this? Go to the Well-Being @ Work Community group.


Where do we find information to register for these?

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Hi! Although there are other ways to access the events, you can scroll all the way up to the first post on this discussion board where you will find reference to "If you want to check out what events are available, go here." That will take you to the events page. The next master chef class has not been posted yet, but it will be soon. Let us know if you have any more questions!


We had a great time making balloon animals at the Winter Well-Being event. It was such a fun way to connect and get to know my colleagues better!


Another fun Master Chef class and delicious result, thanks to Master Chef Shari Mukherjee!

Although these offerings won't be called "Winter Well-Being" now that Spring has arrived, special interest groups and activities–including more Master Chef classes–will continue to be posted in the future.

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