Immunization records for Jacksonville campus

Posted by AliciaCarter @aliciacarter, Jun 28, 2019

I have my employee health appt coming up and the confirmation email said to bring immunization records. I have looked everywhere and can’t find it. I’ve tried calling the employee health phone number to ask exactly what they are looking for and what will happen if I can’t bring it, no one answers the phone. Has anyone had this problem?

Yea, they will either draw your blood to see if you're already vaccinated, or simply you take these shots again 🙂


Hello Alicia – There are several ways to obtain copies of Immunization records. I would suggest the following options:
– check with your personal MD or your pediatrician's office
– schools you have attended would also be able to provide a copy
– check your state vaccination registry website.
As a last resort we can draw titers and revaccinate if necessary but that is the most costly option.
Did you leave a voice mail message on the employee health phone?
We look forward to welcoming you to Florida.

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