Posted by mjmcea @mjmcea01, Jul 4, 2019

My new hire paperwork states if I don’t bring immunization records it could delay my start date. I am an older individual and don’t have access to records that old. Scared to death as I just landed my dream job with Mayo and don’t want to experience any delays!! Help!!

Hi @mjmcea01, we're so excited to hear you have landed your dream job with Mayo Clinic – congratulations! We understand getting your immunization records may be confusing, but we have a few ways for you to locate your records:
• check with your primary care provider or your pediatrician’s office
• schools you have attended
• check your state vaccination registry website
• check with your current employer’s employee health office

As a last resort we can draw titers and revaccinate if necessary but that is the most time consuming option.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mayo Clinic!!

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