Join the People's EcoChallenge, October 7 - 28

Posted by Amanda Holloway @amandab, Sep 29, 2020

Mayo Clinic formed a team in the People’s EcoChallenge, a 21-day environmental and social engagement program where participants create actions that align with individual values and make a commitment to complete those actions, all the while practicing and reinforcing good habits. The People’s EcoChallenge harmonizes individual and collective action, camaraderie, and friendly competition all for a better shared future. Sign up to participate at and join the Mayo Clinic team (you can find the Mayo Clinic team on the ‘Teams’ page). There are a wide variety of challenges to choose from in the topic areas of community justice, healing and renewal, waste, food, health, transportation, energy, community, nature, water and simplicity.

Join the Mayo Clinic team in doing both environmental and social good!

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