Lactation Rooms

Posted by Desiree Ahrens @ahrensdesiree, Sep 13, 2018

I recently became involved in a GLOW MERG to look at lactation rooms at Rochester. We are curious what your stories of pumping at work are? I am looking for anything from ANY site in the enterprise. Good and bad stories about finding a place to pump. Please share! @bettinahalvorson @paigelmi @lindseymarx @BethFlattum calling you ladies out as you all expressed (pun intended!) some feelings on pumping/working in previous posts.

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Agreed for SWMN! Some locations are lactation space challenged.The location I am in has only one room in which you almost have to strip down in because it is so hot. An old table and couch, that is not maintained and no where to wash supplies except bathroom or breakroom.

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Oh wow, a hot room to pump in does not sound fun!

Thanks again for sharing your stories. I will pass these on to our GLOW MERG work group.

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