Looking for 1-2 female Roommates that already live in the area

Posted by Chelsea @csobolik, May 17, 2019

Well Hello,
Looks like you are in the same situation as me. Moving to a new city and need a place to live! Well a little about me is that I’m moving to Minnesota August 10th to start my job at Mayo as a surgical technologist on the 26th of August.

Long story short I would like to have one roommate, but two is cool too. If possible it would be easier for me to find someone who already living in Minnesota who is just looking to fill a bedroom in their house or apartment. Here’s the thing though is that I have been living on my own for two years so I have my own furniture, including, couch, tv, coffee table, bed, desk, end tables and small kitchen table. So I need a person who doesn’t have the common area stuff, just a bedroom set up or if their space had two areas for all our stuff. Again since I was living alone I also have all the kitchen items too. Of if a storage area is available that would be awesome.

I also have a male cat named Simba, very good, loving, normal guy. He is long haired but with regular grooming it isn’t an issue. No front claws and is litter box trained. Simba gets along with other cats and small dogs. However is not a fan of dogs the size of labs or bigger.

So if anyone is interested please message me. Would love to meet up before move in or talk/facetime! Sorry for the small book just wanted to explain my situation!

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