Looking for a female Roommate/Open to taking over a lease

Posted by ykenya @ykenya, Jan 29, 2020

Hello! I'm starting at MC on March 2nd. I am in need of a roommate (preferably nonsmoker) to share a 2bedroom/2bathroom apartment in Rochester. I am flexible with price and location. Please let me know if you are interested in teaming up, wanting someone to take over your lease longterm, or if you are subleasing for a short period. Thanks!

Hi! I will be moving to Rochester in the beginning of April if you are still seeking a roommate then. I am a non-smoker and currently have no pets (but I do love cats and dogs!). I am looking at a maximum price range of $1,200 per person at the moment). I'm in Rochester this weekend and would be interested in teaming up. PM me for more details.


Hey, thanks for reaching out. I recently found a roommate that I am teaming up with. Good luck to you.

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