Looking for a nanny/daycare

Posted by tenchismith @tenchismith, Sep 22, 2020

My little family: 2 adults and 2 children (ages 1 and 3) moved to Rochester for the 2 adults to start working at Mayo several weeks ago. We are very hesitant to send the children to daycare due to the ongoing pandemic and the upcoming cold and flu season. Does anyone know of anyone who may be interested in nannying for us? Staying at our house or commuting, hours of work, list of responsibilities, and pay are all negotiable. Thanks!

Also, we are not completely ruling out daycare at this point, as we have been in search of a nanny for a couple of weeks now. If we do not find one in the next week or so, we will send the children to daycare. I would also greatly appreciate recommendations of local daycares. Thanks again!

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