Looking for a place to share in Rochester - New RN with friendly dog

Posted by jessjzacharias @jessjzacharias, Jul 27, 2021

Hello! I am a 35 y.o. woman moving to Rochester for my first year as a professional nurse. I would love to find a 2 or 3 bedroom house to rent and split it with one or two other people. I have a dog, who loves people, is very obedient and friendly. He just hates other pups, so he would have to be the only pet. Also he will be with me off and on throughout the year, as my boyfriend (living in Oregon,) will take him back home for most of winter/spring. I love outdoor activities: running, skiing, biking, and paddling, enjoy cooking and am generally a clean and quiet person. I have great rental history and credit. If you are in a similar place, let me know and we can start looking for a place.

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This is Khushboo this side. I am moving to Rochester in second week of August and looking for a room and roommate. Happy to connect over call on +16282808862


Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, my dog is not other-dog friendly, and looks like you guys already have a full house (dog-wise). Looks like an amazing place, though!

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