Looking for Advice on Seeking Childcare at Rochester MN

Posted by tenchismith @tenchismith, Sep 22, 2020

We are new to the Rochester MN area. I'm curious about how everyone here is surviving parenthood with small children (esp. with the pandemic and working from home)? What is your experience with the local daycares? Any favorites? Anyone here using an in-home nanny? If so, how is it going so far? We've tried to look for a nanny for a few weeks now but no luck yet. We are starting to consider placing our children in daycare but are not sure of the reputations of the ones here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the area! We are in the same boat – relocated in May and we have an almost 15 month old. Right now, we have a spot held at Sprouts in Stewartville, MN. Really well known and respected in the area. We are actually hoping to transition to a part-time in-home nanny but haven't moved forward with that yet. I don't have much advice other than looking at Sprouts but good luck! It's tough for sure!

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