Looking for Pet Sitter

Posted by shumatt @matthewshumiloff, Oct 16, 2019

I'm new to Rochester from Pennsylvania and am looking for an occasional pet sitter for when we're out of town visiting family. Please send me a message if interested and we can possibly schedule an appointment to figure out details.

I live in Stewartville and so some pet sitting. What kind of dog do you have? Pictured, is my dog Abe, the miniature schnauzer and the labs are a couple of dogs that I watch a lot. I have enough of an allergy to dogs that if they shed too much it won't work.


There is a Mayo Yammer group called Dog Crazy. I have seen a lady comment that she does dog sitting. I believe her name is Sarah Kiehl.


Hi Matt: Welcome! I live in Rochester, and my daughter might be a good match for you depending on location, animal types and needs. She's currently in college at RCTC and will be changing to an on-campus school this fall. She's highly dependable and loves animals. -Kristine (vandellen.kristine@mayo.edu)

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