Looking for roomates

Posted by emilypierce @emilypierce, Apr 16 3:56pm

Hey, my name is Emily and I am a 22 year old from California. I'm moving to Rochester come mid may and am looking for a roomate or roomates to live with. I am hired on at a surgical technologist at the saint mary's campus. I'm a clean/neat person and I love to get outdoors. I like rock climbing and just being around people. If you're looking for someone to fill a room or someone to look at apartments with please text me! would love to connect with you! (661)203-5253

Hi Emily, I am moving to Rochester Mid May as well. I currently do not have an apartment or a small house to rent I am interested in connecting.
I am coming from the Twin Cities so I have furniture, Kitchen table, couches lamps, small tv and tv stand etc.


Hey Emily, how's it going? My name is Bengi and I'm also moving to Rochester soon (to work as a RN at St. Mary's). I am about to sign a lease for a really nice 4-BR, 1-BATH house 8 minutes away from St. Mary's and am looking for a roommate. The only caveat is that it's for July 1st. Rent is $1,500/mo (so $750/person). Would you be interested in connecting to be be potentially be roommates?
I've shared some pictures of the interior.
If you want to reach out, my cell is 218-343-3924.

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