Looking for roommate for 2Bed/2Bath in Rochester, MN

Posted by KKAL @kkalstro, Dec 12, 2019

Hi everyone! I am moving to Rochester, MN in February and I am looking to room with one person (preferably female) at the GrandVille at Cascade Lake. It would be about $800/month with utilities! Let me know if you’re interested 🙂


I am interested. I will be joining in March and am looking for a roommate and place to stay.
please message me if you are interested.

Thank you.


Hi Karly,
I am interested. Will it be possible to start in January instead? Please let me know.


Hi Karly! What day in February does the lease start? I will be moving to Rochester and starting the nurse residency program on February 3rd so I am definitely interested!


@kristinrobinson @kkalstro I am starting Feb 3rd too, haha, so I am definitely very interested as well.


Hi Karly! I would be interested living together if you have not found a roommate yet! Let me know! The apartment sounds great that you have picked out!

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