Looking for roommate - mid/end of September

Posted by Liz @elsherman8, Jul 30, 2019

Hi there,

I will be starting at Mayo in October and am looking for a potential roommate mid-late September. Preferably someone who is clean and quiet/respectful of different sleeping times with shift work. I have started looking and found a really nice 2 bedroom place that requires a 1 year lease and is available late September. I'll likely sign a lease on it soon but am open to other places. It will be my first time in Rochester. I’m into the outdoors, going on walks/hikes/adventures with my dog, and also relaxing at home.

Important: I do have a dog. She’s about 46 pounds, almost 2 years old, and a sweetheart. She is fully housetrained (no accidents), does not chew on random items or destroy anything, very calm in the home and is VERY quiet. She loves being pet, playing and getting attention (if that’s your thing) but will leave you alone if you aren’t into that. If you will be working nights, you don’t have to worry about her disturbing your sleep during the day if she is home. I’ll likely be bringing her to some kind of doggy daycare during my day shifts or at the very least have someone come 2 times a day to take her out for some exercise.

Send me a message if you are interested. Thanks 🙂

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hi, how much is the rent/person?

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