Looking for Roommates in Townhome or a Room to Rent

Posted by codymenting @codymenting, Mar 21 2:03pm

My current lease is up at the end of this month. Ideally I would really like to stay in my current townhome, so it would be great to find some others who are looking for an affordable place to rent with modern amenities with convenient transportation to Mayo. I'm also open to renting a room in someone's apartment or house if something is available by April.

The townhouse is at Grandeville (https://goo.gl/maps/te5kgoY8BJS1eLaN9). I'm a PCA at Mayo finishing up my undergraduate degree. Some of the features of the apartment / location:

– Right next to Mayo's West Lot, providing free shuttle service to the Saint Mary's and Downtown locations(https://goo.gl/maps/NAgEpLoefMQfmt4eA).
– Within walking distance to Saint Mary's, Kwik Trip convenience store, and Fresh Thyme grocery store
-Next to beautiful Cascade Lake, offering Rochester's only public beach, a walking/biking path that connects to the city's trail system (https://www.rochestermn.gov/home/showdocument?id=778)
– Various community amenities, including a pool (recently remodeled) with community grill, weight room, package delivery lockers, mini dog park.
– The apartment has a free washer and drier, central air / heating, a garage for storage

I've lived here for about two years now, and I still love the apartment and the area. It's been kind of a revolving door for people doing their research internships (we've had a Nepali, Belgian, Pakistani, and of course a few Americans) which I really enjoy. Rochester's rent prices aren't very affordable, so this is one of the cheaper options in town.

The lease is a communal lease, meaning we're all under the same agreement, but the leasing company, iret, allows you to be released for only a $100 fee, so this is a great option for those not staying for a long time. Utilities come out to about $70-$100 per month. The rent for the last rental period came out to $420 last year, though it fluctuates a bit year to year.

Pets are allowed as long as they are well behaved. I have a very floofy collie, Odo, so I greatly prefer roommates who love dogs and maybe wouldn't mind letting him out on occasion in exchange for cookies and margaritas. Part of the pleasure of living with other people, particularly people from other cultures, is getting to know one another, so a reasonably social roommate would be lovely.

Is this a 2 bed 2 bath townhome?


Is this a 2 bed 2 bath townhome?

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Oh yeah, sorry I left that part out. It's a 4BR 2BA.


Hey Cody, I'll be coming to Mayo for a summer internship (Late May-Mid Aug) along with my golden retriever pal. My co-intern is also interested in sharing a place. Seems you may be looking for more permanent, but give me a shout if you're down for 2 dudes and a pup this summer


Hello Cody, I am starting at Saint Mary's mid April and looking to move in somewhere by the first of April. I like dogs so I would like having a fluffy guy running around. Are you still looking for a roommate? I am working at the Mayo till fall 2022 so I am looking for a longer lease.

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