Looking to sublease my 1 bedroom apt- short term lease!

Posted by Abby Nordeen @abbynordeen, Sep 14, 2020

I will be moving west in early/mid October and am looking to sublease my 1 bedroom apartment that goes up until January 11th (if you need a short term lease, or you can extend the lease/stay if you want to renew)! The rent is 1335/month plus utilities, but I would be so willing to work out something and lower that/pay a chunk of it for you, as you would be helping me so much! If you did renew, the price wouldn't be that high, as it is so just because I signed a short 6 month deal. I will have only been here three months, super clean, barely anything in it, let me know if you're interested! It's a 5 minute drive downtown and a 15 minute walk to st. Marys but there is also a shuttle service if you want! Also has included parking!

Hi Abby! I am interested in knowing more details about this lease!


Hi Abby, does your apartment still available?

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