Making appointments for yourself!

Posted by Sydney Eddy @sydneyeddy, Aug 16, 2019

Hi all,
I am just wondering what the process is for making appointments/ finding a doctor here in Rochester is? I typically get my yearly routine check up done in August back at home but since moving to Rochester I don’t have an established primary doctor or NP. I am not sure if this is something done downtown or if there are primary care provider clinics outside of downtown?
Thanks in advanced for any advice or direction!

I don’t have the number off hand right now. But call the central appointment office and they can set connect you with pcp setup. I currently have primary in Kasson. So you’re not tied to downtown if you don’t want to.


I used this online form (see link) and they called me the next day and guided me through the process! Under "primary problem" I just explained that I was new to the area and needed a new PCP.

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