Maternity Leave

Posted by cmw0314 @cmw0314, Nov 29, 2020

Does anyone know Mayo’s maternity leave policy? How long you need to be employed before short term disability kicks in? We are currently family planning and need to find out some details before we continue. I’ll be at the Phoenix campus starting 12/7. Thanks!

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Hello! I know for sure you need to be employed at Mayo for at least a year to get the paid leave. I am expecting my first and will NOT have been here for a year by the time baby makes his/her arrival. My supervisor has said that I can use short term disability. By the time baby gets here I will have been employed through Mayo for 7 months!! Not sure if you are able to get into your HR connect but I found a lot of the policies on that page as well as the intranet for employees – hope this helps!


Hello, make sure you follow the group Employee Learner Lactation for site specific information

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