Mayo shuttle

Posted by Ajinkya @ajskyes, Aug 21, 2019

Is there any Mayo shuttle to Rochester airport?
What are the timing if any?
I want to reach airport at midnight to catch early morning flight, what are possible options.

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Hi – I learned this the hard way! A few years back I was in Rochester and had a 6:30am flight from RST and when I called for a cab, they never showed. Wound up jumping in a cab with someone else (with their permission) and when I got to RST, the ticket counter person was already at the gate and since I didn't have a boarding pass yet, I missed my flight. One other time I used Uber and that worked well, ordered it the night before and they arrived on time. This past July, I was there, ordered an Uber the night before and there were bad storms and flooding overnight. Uber never showed, and cab companies weren't answering their phones at 5am. So – last time my husband was there, I believe he went with Rochester Shuttle Service. Only like $15 and they showed up and got him there on time. I recommend going with a shuttle, I think there's a few, definitely more reliable.


This is really valuable piece of Information, thanks for your input !

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