Moldy tubing

Posted by Jocelyn Webb @jjwebb, May 2, 2017

Has anyone else experienced mold with their medela tubing? I have the pump in style advanced for my home use and I now have two sets of tubing that have molded. I let my pump and tubing run another 2-3 minutes after I pump, as well as drape my tubing afterwards to help with moisture and it still seems to mold.

@jjwebb I surprisingly never had this problem, or maybe just never noticed if I did! as I never did as much as you stated to prevent it. I was always worried about my tubing for work since that is where I pumped the most and a friend suggested buying some rubbing alcohol and pouring a little in the tubes to help dry up the moisture. Once again I really never did this but did keep a bottle at my desk if needed. Maybe worth a shot!


@jjwebb Sorry i missed this post, my notifications are not coming to my inbox. I did have some mold in my tubes as well, it only happened to one set (i have 3 sets) I just threw them away. I had heard about the putting alcohol in them as @jostby had mentioned. Also do not go to the mayo store to buy more tubing it is crazy expensive. Order online! 🙂

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