Mother's Day Stories

Posted by Barb Rechtzigel @BRechtzigel, May 12, 2017

We all have them. Those funny, frustrating, poignant Mother's Day stories. I want to hear them. Here's mine!

I was a young mother with two kids. We were a military family and I got the rare treat of being invited (with my family) to the Officer's Club for Mother's Day brunch. I wore my nicest dress because I never got to go anywhere so fancy! We were just getting seated when my son, Sean (3) stood up on his chair (they hadn't brought his booster seat yet). I told him "Sit down before you fall." Just like that he fell. He put his front teeth right through his lip, my pretty dress was ruined, and we got to spend the day in the emergency room instead. Sigh! We still laugh about it now and every year I tell him he owes me brunch.

Tell me your story! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day all!

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