Posted by Erica @eburri, Aug 8, 2018

So I live in dallas wi and am moving to Chetek wi because I will be working in bloomer wi. I am wondering about the benefit for helping move because with my
Schedule I will not have enough time to do everything and be out by the end of the month. Can someone help me and about the moving services through mayo? I don’t even know where to start with this process.

I just moved from Georgia to Florida (yestrday as a matter of fact 8/10), Mayo is going to give me a housing and relocation reimbursement, but I had to find my own movers. Google movers and then pick from them, research the company and make sure they are reputable. If your moving within the same state it should be a lot cheaper than moving out of state. I used Souhern Van Lines, but that’s a company in Georgia, just check your area to see what reputable companies there are. Also, one fact I didn’t know was NEVER move by weight, always by Cubic Feet, and always getting a BINDING ESTIMATE. Hope you find a good mover! Good luck!

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