Needing a babysitter ASAP

Posted by Hannah @hwalsh2992, Dec 27, 2018

My 17 month old son needs a babysitter at my house from 2pm-9/10pm for when I work evenings from 3-11:30. If anyone knows of anyone. I'm looking at 1-2 days a week.

I'm also looking for in home child care from 6:30am-5pm from Jan 23rd-Feb 4th. (His primary daycare is on vacation during this time.) I'm looking at 2-4 days a week for this time for when I work days 7am-3:30pm.

Hannah Moreno

I have a 3 mo old and a 2 year old. I'd be interested in swapping childcare if you want. I start on may 20 and I work on Joseph.

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