New employee- Rochester; Need housing for July 16th through August 3rd

Posted by Ashley Narum @anarum, Jun 25, 2018

I was recently hired into a supplemental position at Mayo, Rochester, that will be part time in the long run. However, I need to be in Rochester full-time for the first three weeks for orientation. I plan to commute from Minneapolis when I am part time but am looking for a place to stay for those three weeks when I am full time (July 16th through August 3rd). Does anyone have any leads or recommendations on where I could stay? I am happy to pay rent, help with housework, cooking, etc. I am a single woman in her late twenties, will work long days and will likely go back to the Twin Cities on the weekends…so I won't be around much. Please see free to reach out!

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I have a couch so reply if you haven't found anything..
Live about a few miles from downtown campus.


I am also looking. Starting work Aug 13th and need housing… an apartment or short term to start and may be interested in buying at a later time. Any suggestions appreciated.

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