New Grad Nurses

Posted by Courtney Smith @clsmith5, Jul 5 6:05pm

Hey guys! My best friend and I just moved to Rochester to work as new grad nurses for Mayo and we don't know a ton of people here. We were thinking it might be fun to have some sort of get-together or BBQ/poolside for the other new grad nurses (and others:) to get together? Let me know your thoughts!

Hey, I also would love to jump into any group chats or gathering plans! I started on Dom 2 (medical neuro) on July 6. I moved from Colorado and am still working on understanding Minnesota. 😀 My number is 720-539-4060.


Hey! I'm Natalie, a new grad RN in the MICU, and would love to join in as well!! Also down to host something along the lines of a bbq/fire pit night! Here's my number: 586-354-8051 🙂


Hey I'm Brit, I'm 23, & I'm from Minnesota!! I'll be a new grad on Neuro in the beginning of august! I'd be down to meet some new friends 🙂

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