New RN Grad Looking to make friends

Posted by ruheemmaredia @ruheemmaredia, Sep 26 11:52am

Hey, my name is Ruhee, most people call me Ru. I am a recent new grad nurse from the University of Texas Medical Branch and will be starting in the Cardiac Surgery/Heart Transplant ICU in October.

I never been to Minnesota and am looking forward to making new friends and exploring Rochester. I love baking, hiking, traveling, watching movies and the Bachelor lol. I love going to national parks and Voyagers National Park is on my list of places to go if anyone also loves the outdoors.

Feel free to reach out my number is 281-906-9828 or insta @ruheemmaredia

Hey! My name is Sara! Small world! I am from Texas as well! I am also a new grad and will be starting in the medical ICU. I have very similar interests as you and feel like we could be good friends! I will follow you on Insta but also feel free to text me at 817-487-1314


Hi Ru! My name is Maddie! 🙂 I'm from Minneapolis originally, but it sounds like we have a lot of similar interests! I also love traveling, baking, hiking, and literally everything about the Bachelor. Have you started the Bachelorette yet?? I would love to meet up for coffee or a hike or something sometime! Feel free to reach out whenever! 785-218-6878

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