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New to Rochester from a Big City?

Posted by @cathyfraser, Mar 22, 2017

Rochester is a great mid-size town. Sorry to let new people know – no Chick fil a, Sonic, or Ulta… but there is Trader Joes! Uber and Lyft are new to the area, which is great if you need transportation to/from the airport. I’m sure others could share restaurant and service ideas. Glad you are here!



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Posted by @solucky, Aug 31, 2017

And Ulta is on its way! It will be near Walmart South! Woo!!

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Posted by @jendbear81, Oct 19, 2017

I am so glad they are going to have an Ulta

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Sunny All Day

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Posted by @sunnyallday, Sep 15, 2017

Chik fil a on the way too!! next to Chipotle!

Michael Nassif

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Posted by @mrk5161, Sep 15, 2017

So where is SONIC? We need one so bad! I’d love a White Castle too, but SONIC will do.

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