New to #wearemayoclinic / Interested in GTD

Posted by Denise Rhodes @djr4gsus, May 1, 2019

Hello! I am an alumni of VitalSmarts Crucial Conversations and Influencer. I am new to an office support position, supporting multiple people, with "incoming" tasks of many types and methods (phone calls/voicemails, emails, texts, online inquiries, etc. … pretty much anything you can think of. Work life balance may become a casualty if I'm not careful, and I am a teeny bit worried that I might start "losing" things.

I see there is nothing available in MyLearning, but that I can buy the book and workbook from Amazon, but wonder if a mentoring situation can be created or if there is another course offering soon.

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I'm not sure when we might have the next group session, but if you send me an email ( I'll let you know if we get one scheduled. VitalSmarts also is offering an online version of the training that could be done individually. I can get you that as an option as well.


DJ – let me know if you want some one-on-one mentoring as you work through this. I'm by no means an expert but I am happy to help you figure out some of the basics.


Hello, Are there any GTD classes offered to Mayo staff still? If so, what are the details. Thank you

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