Nurse Residency July 15 2019 Roommate/Housing? Rochester!

Posted by Adriana Soria-Hawkinson @asoriaha, Feb 21, 2019

Hi Everyone!

I just accepted a nurse residency position. I start on July 15. I am looking for any advice on how to find housing or anyone who is also who is looking for a roommate? I am coming from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor so I am pretty lost in this whole housing process! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I live right by the hospital, I have a gorgeous apartment all to my self, and an extra bedroom. I don’t have a roommate and I don’t plan to get one but I’m happy to have you here this summer! We can chat further if you’d like


Hey! I'm from Michigan as well and will be starting on July 15th! I'm looking for somewhere really cheap to live or a bedroom to rent, as I will be commuting from an area closer to the Twin Cities and want somewhere to stay for the few nights a week that I'll be working. Also looking for some friends in the area!
Feel free to private message me 🙂


Hi, I am looking for a roommate to sign a lease starting June July. Apartment is near saint Mary’s.

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