Organizing with Omnifocus: Pros, Cons, Tips and Tricks

Posted by Lee Aase @LeeAase, Jan 9, 2019

If you are a Mac user and also iOS (iPhone, iPad), Omnifocus 3 is a great choice for your organizing tool. It has a free trial period and after that there is a one-time payment (something like $39, I think) for the Pro version on the Mac. If you get the iOS app there is a separate charge, but that's also a one-time thing. I'll share the links here and then add some of my perspectives on what I like about it in subsequent posts in this thread. Here's the iOS link: and here is the MacOS link:

Has anyone else used Omnifocus?

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I like that I can do my capturing in Omnifocus 3 on any of my devices and it syncs to all of them. So if I'm out and about and get think of something I need to do, whether as part of a project or as a one-off next action, the entry interface is really simple. If I assign a context (via tag) or a project when I enter it, it goes right to the Organize step.

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