Paris in December

Posted by Joyce White @jaw55, Aug 6, 2019

Does anybody want to go to Paris with me November 30 – December 7th? My travel companion's leave wasn't approved. My daughter lives there and I really wanted to do a short trip again this year. Christmas lights will be up. And the Atelier des Lumieres Van Gogh light show exhibit ( ) closes at year's end…I really want to see it! I found a 2BR Airbnb in the second ARR for $1362 ($681 each) for the week. I will fly direct from Orlando, arriving in Paris on 11/1. FEMALE only. Must be independent enough to do excursions alone. Must secure flight and apartment this week, if possible, before prices increase. Contact Joyce White.

DARN!! I would have loved to, but I am going to England and Ireland in October. Good luck in your search!

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