Posted by siemerdana @siemerdana, Aug 26, 2020

Just wondering if anyone knows where there is parking for the st Mary’s campus in Rochester?

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Under "New Employee" tab at the top of the page click on "Before Day 1" then scroll down to the section "Getting to Orientation" and click on the blue "this video." The youtube video should help you out immensely; however, the video is three years old. I can attest that most of it is accurate; however, I would still suggest talk to your supervisor for more information.


Hi! For long term, generally there is no employee parking for any employee who hasn't been employed for many years or who isn't coming in as a specializing physician. That may change with so many teleworking but I don't think that's changed yet. Most of us either park at one of the Park and Ride lots which then shuttles you directly to both of the Mayo campuses, or we use public transportation which is awesome in Rochester!

Hope this is helpful and welcome to Mayo and to Rochester!

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