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Posted by jb16rn @jb16rn, Aug 5, 2019

New to St. Mary's Emergency Department. Starting orientation next week and would like to secure a parking situation ASAP, but having problems finding out parking information. I live in Byron and will be working 7am – 7pm & 7pm – 7am shifts. My understanding is there are parking lots that you can pay a per month fee to use or there may be options to "share" a parking space with someone who works opposite shifts? Or possibly using the public bus system? Any information would be helpful.

We can get you information on a variety of parking options so you can review what would work best for your situation. Tomorrow, I will be sending out a reminder email regarding the orientation coming up on August 12th. It will include a voucher to take a bus from one of the Park N Rides for free for your first day, and will list the available Park N Ride options from which to choose. There will also be a map to the new Hilton Hotel included so you can make your way from where the bus will drop you off to the orientation. Once there, I highly recommend you speak to the whole team of Parking and Transportation folks, who can review a variety of options you might want to consider. Once you receive your Mayo Clinic badge, you can use that to return to your car in the Park N Ride, as well as whenever you use the Park N Rides in the future. It's a handy system!

Barb Rechtzigel

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