PDAP Tuition Reimbursement- Help understanding

Posted by Sarah Kiehl @kiehlsa, Jun 21, 2019

My name is Sarah and I am shooting for getting my RN. I am thinking that I may want to work as a PCA while I am going through nursing school. I'm a little confused about the PDAP eligibility guidelines since the PCA is a technically a certificate, not a degree. However, I would also argue that obtaining the PCA certificate would help further my career at Mayo and provide amble opportunity for career development. Is anyone out there an expert in PDAP or offer thoughts on if I could submit for reimbursement for the PCA courses as well, that are not requirements for the nursing program?

Thank you!

Hi Sarah,
After reading your submission, there are a few questions I would ask to determine eligibility. I would like to ask that you call or send a question to HR Connect in order for us to ask further questions to determine eligibility. Go to the HR Connect page to submit a question online, or you can call
Thank you.

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