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Posted by Jayne Whiting @jbob0316, Mar 23, 2017

My 5 1/2 month old has been having explosive stools (up the back almost to neck, needs baths, that bad..) almost daily. Lately it has been multiple times/day. I emailed his doc today but have not heard back yet. My husband text me to tell me he is running over another outfit to daycare as he went through 2 outfits already. So in total today, since 2 am, he has had FOUR explosive poops. They are yellow and very foul smelling.

Saturday night we tried Earth’s Best rice cereal for the first time.. 1/2 TBSP maybe at most. Sunday he spiked a fever of 100.5. no runny nose etc. Resolved on its own by Monday. That night he had an explosive WATERY smelly, yellow stool…

A little history: he had green poops up until recently. I read that it could be caused from foremilk/hindmilk imbalance or dairy intolerance. I cut out most dairy and switched up how I was nursing..the green poops resolved and are now the mustard yellow color. But they always had that awful foul odor.

Wondering, what are your little one’s stools like? I was told they shouldn’t be smelly like they are?? Anyone have a similar experience?
Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you 🙂

@jbob0316 Thank you for your post! Sorry i missed it in my notifications. I hope everything has resolved itself. My oldest had something like this one time and it ended up being nothing really. Wonder if it is something you ate? Hope things are ok.


@jbob0316 Hope everything has resolved as well! My daughter went through a stage of multiple blow outs around that age, a little older. Daycare was getting worried but provider was not as long as she was staying well hydrated. She did have stomach flu Thanksgiving and again at Christmas, lucky us! and did have continued loose stools a bit after that. I did start giving her a probiotic, if I remembered, but can’t say for sure it made a difference. It did resolve and eating more solid foods helped too. I don’t think our daycare had a ton of breastfeed babies so wasn’t used to the looser stools from that either. Sorry I can’t remember if smelly but they definitely get nasty smelling once starting food!!!

I also cut dairy at 8 weeks but she had blood in her stool a few times. Her poops were green and it freaked me out and I did a bunch of googling searching which also showed the foremilk/hindmilk. At the time I had been going to the weekly Nursing Mothers meeting Mayo had since I was on maternity leave and the lactation consultant said they actually don’t worry about the green poops or the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I even showed her pictures of the diapers, lucky her! haha It ended up being the blood in the stool the main reason dairy was stopped and she never had that issue again. We have now both been able to successfully reintroduce dairy and continue to work on whole milk transition now that she is 1 year.

Sorry wish had more advice but hope he is doing better!


Thanks ladies! The blow outs continued to happen then I introduced sweet potatoes and peas since my post. Happy to report blowouts have stopped and his poop has thickened up!!! (Thank goodness.) Oh the things us mothers constantly have to think/worry about!
Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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