Recommended bank for Canadian in Rochester?

Posted by casdunning @casdunning, Jan 2 6:44pm

Hi I am moving to Rochester next week from Canada where I'll be starting a postdoc at Mayo! I will need a US bank account and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations, in particular for my situation coming from Canada without a SSN (which I'm still not quite sure how to get yet 😅). I've heard RBC is decent for Canadians but doesn't look like there are many locations in Rochester. Thanks in advance!

I'll send you a private message to help you out.


Hey am from Canada as well. You certainly need an SSN to open a bank account, they might also require proof or residency. US TD was the easiest bank for me as I am banking with them in Canada.

Also, I would suggest you call now for an appointment of your SSN, as they may require an appointment and it may take awhile. All the best

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