Save the bees

Posted by kellyn @kellyn, Sep 15, 2020

So, I have some sort of a bee hive going on in between the exterior (brick) of my house and the porch beam. If they were wasps I’d probably spray them. Being that I have given donations to “save the bees” it wouldn’t be right to kill the little, brilliant, pollinators that they are. I’ve called the pest control people and are waiting to hear back. Does anyone have any simple (maybe smoke them out) techniques where I wouldn’t have to pay someone to take care of this. This problem is inches from my front door. Not really a Green issue, but most who go green also have like minds with Other types of environmental conservation.

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Are they truly bees or wasps? Since you mention where they have nested I'm thinking paper wasp. If they are wasps, yes, they do eat bugs, but they also give a nasty sting. You can suit up and take them out at night when they are less aggressive, but if you can afford a professional it might be best. If it's way too much then buy the long distance wasp spray, cover yourself up as much as possible, use another door and do it at night. Yes, I know, you hate to kill them, but it's your front door. The last thing you need is a nasty sting to your face.

Also, where you describe sounds tricky to remove without killing them.

If they truly are bees and they are not aggressive you can live with them. I have orchard bees everywhere, but they don't bother me as long as I don't try to swat them.

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