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Scotland and Ireland

Posted by @kaylieguderian, Tue, Jan 9 2:50pm

My husband and I are going to Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland in April. We are going to also take a Highland tour that takes us to Inverness for the evening. Does anyone have any tips, warnings, suggestions, or other information they’d like to share?



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Posted by @jingram1, Tue, Jan 9 2:53pm

I’d highly recommend taking the time to travel south to Waterford. Beautiful little community and you can even tour the Waterford Factory (definitely worth it). Also really enjoyed the shops and eateries in Howth. Also check out the eternal flame.


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Posted by @kaylieguderian, Wed, Jan 10 7:53am

Thank you so much for the suggestion! We were looking for a day trip location and both look like awesome options! Howth looks beautiful and exactly what I was looking for!

Melissa Bear, Champions Director

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Posted by @mbear, Tue, Jan 9 3:02pm

Hi we are going to Scotland in June!!! We’re hitting Glasgow, Inverness, and driving up to Skye. I haven’t done all my research yet, but will post if I learn anything of note for you. How fun!!!

Jeanie L

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Posted by @jeanielubinsky, Tue, Jan 9 3:36pm

We spent a week or so in Scotland last August, including several days in Edinburgh, with the remainder of our time hiking in the highlands. Highly recommend hiking. We utilized a guide to make the most of our time and to get off the beaten path. We were in Edinburgh during the annual Fringe festival and it was very crowded, and not something I would recommend timing a visit around. Edinburgh has some wonderful restaurants and shops and I highly recommend exploring there. We walked everywhere. I’m happy to share details if you are interested.


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Posted by @kaylieguderian, Wed, Jan 10 7:24am

I made sure to not schedule our trip around any major events. We fly standby, so getting a seat depends on there not being any big events to draw groups of people!
Are there any walking tours or areas that you would recommend exploring? We are planning on taking very little transportation (only to and from the airport), so I am looking for plenty of hikes and self-guided tours!

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