Seeking New Friends in Florida

Posted by katgotyourtongue @katgoturtongue, Sep 6, 2018

Hi, everyone!

My name is Katrina and I start work in Molecular Virology at the Florida campus next week; I'm really looking forward to it! I am not from Jacksonville originally (grew up on Guam and lived in Cebu, Philippines for a little bit before moving here), and I don't really have many friends here, but I figured this new chapter in my life is a perfect time for me to open up a little more socially! So please reply if you would like a new friend to do any of the following activities with :

* read books/go to the library/study for the USMLE Step 1 (I am an IMG and plan to take it in March or April, 2019- would love a study partner AMGs or IMGs welcome)
* play tennis (intermediate level)
* go for run/ go the gym/take a yoga, pilates, or boxing class (too intimidated by crossfit to try it by myself but would consider going with another noob)
* practice speaking Italian (I'm at a B1 Intermediate) or learn any other new language (I love languages)
* have good coffee (i love coffee)
* find opportunities to volunteer in clinical/laboratory research (i'd love to become involved in any way )
* discuss career goals and personal finance (LOL. Too serious?)
* go out to discover new restaurants (love Korean and Cantonese food)

Gotta run, heading into my last day of work at my present job 🙁 I'm sad to leave as my coworkers are awesome people, but I'm looking forward to meeting YOU!

Hi @katgoturtongue! Welcome to Florida! I'm relatively new here, too. I moved here in January.

I lived in Guam for 6 months as a contractor at GRMC. I loved it there! I see they are prepping for a Typhoon. I hope your family stays safe!

How would you feel about trying SUP yoga? I've been wanting to, but haven't made it out yet. Mostly because I'm too busy training for the Bike MS ride in October and rehearsing for theatrical productions. There's a 10am Saturday SUP yoga class, but I'm usually not back from my bike ride in time. There's also an acro yoga group who meets in the Memorial Park downtown on Sundays. I haven't checked that out yet, but acro yoga is fun.

I also like to play tennis, but it's been a while.



Hello Katrina and Amanda,
My name is Anais and I am new to the Jacksonville area as well. My husband and I just moved from California and although I used to live in Orlando, FL for 13 years prior to moving to California I don’t know anyone in Jacksonville. I love working out, going to the beach, and spending my time outdoors. I will be working as an RN in the new unit 7N, but I don’t start until October 22 since orientation for October 8 is already full. Looking forward to making new friends.

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