Summer volleyball

Posted by traskcassandra @traskcassandra, Apr 15 1:05pm

Hello everyone,
I am new to the area and I am starting at Mayo soon. I am a 23-year-old female and recently graduated from UMN twin cities. I am hoping to make friends and put together a sand volleyball team for the summer. All ages, genders, and experience levels are welcome even friends and people that don't work at Mayo.
They have a few different leagues so I am open to whatever depending on who is interested. The max on a roster is 12 people and if we have that many ppl it would cost about $20 ahead. This includes 10 games plus playoffs. My phone number is (608)515-099 text me if you are interested or comment down below.

I love that there is so much interest in volleyball in Rochester! I am moving there full time in July! I've been visiting my boyfriend there for almost a year and I landed a job at Mayo! I'd love to get in on the mix to play as well. Even if some of you just want to play pick up games if the leagues are already full! I'll be starting my job in Rochester July 19th.
Phone number is 928-925-4543
Hope to see you guys around!


Am interested! Just sent you a text – I will be at Mayo from June 14th onwards – let me know about availability although it looks like there are exactly 12 people already interested. 952-456-2548 – Nikhil

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