Team Huddle and Energy Burst Ideas

Posted by Gretl Kruse @gretlcain, Jun 12, 2020

Are you looking for a team building activity and weaving Well-Being into your work culture? We have just the idea for you; it is called the Well-Being Checklist. As a Well-Being Champion you can incorporate the Well-Being Checklist in many different ways into your work unit including:
• Add a new dimension to your team huddle at the start or end of your shift
• Include the activity as an agenda item on a team meeting for either in-person or virtually
• Email a colleague to check-in with their day or week
The Well-Being Checklist can be used to support one another, create space for connection and an opportunity to check-in with one another.
If you are looking for a visual reminder of the Checklist, be sure to work with someone who can order the magnets through Lawson ( or simply print the flyer and hang it in your staff well space.

Let’s SHARE and connect with one another. Do you have a team huddle or energy burst that you have facilitated and would like to share with other Well-Being Champions? Please post below.

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