The Best Breastfeeding resources

Posted by Desiree Ahrens @ahrensdesiree, Oct 17, 2018

What are your best breastfeeding resources? Where do you get information? What websites/blogs/groups are the most useful? Thank you for sharing!

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I follow Minnesota Breastfeeding Mamas on Facebook. It is a group from mom's to mom's and you will need to get approval to follow which makes it a very private group and you can share and ask everything you are not sure off. It has really helped me during my breastfeeding journey. Other than that I use the app baby log to track my pumping sessions and my freezer stash. It is a very handy tool and tells you exactly how much you have pumped, saved and the amount of time you have pumped since starting. So far I have pumped for 58 hrs and I started a couple months late on tracking it!


Starting out I used the Medela App to track breastfeeding time and on what side you are nursing. The app has a built in time to track but you can also input time manually too. It is super handy because with the sleep deprivation you might forget what side you last nursed on but have a hand reference to look at. You can also track babies time sleeping, wet and poopy diapers, weight, height etc. Also very handy in the first few months when doctors want to know how many wet and poppy diapers baby is having.


Thanks for sharing! Anyone else?

I like to purchase actual books. The best one I got was an old one, but it was the first book I read that made me feel like I and my baby were the ones in charge of breastfeeding, not "them". "Biological Nurturing, Laid Back Breastfeeding" was the name. The photos are super out dated, but it describes the ideal physics of breastfeeding and encourages you to get into an optimal position for you and baby, regardless of the name of the particular position (cross-cradle, football, etc.). It encourages a lot of trial and error and individualization, which I appreciated. I also wrote everything out by hand as far as keeping track of poopy and wet diapers. LOL, I am old-school I suppose!

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