Tips for Arizona weather?

Posted by Jessica @jbkirk, May 16, 2018

Hi- i am new to Arizona and am trying to adjust to the heat! I start at Mayo next week. My question is- how do others dress business professional with this weather? Long pants, jackets and blazers, cardigans, etc. seem like it would be miserable? Any tips for a desert weather rookie??? I know it’s only expected to get hotter so I’m trying to plan my shopping! Thank you!

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Welcome @jbkirk to Arizona! The GOOD NEWS is…no more pantyhose! We got rid of that "rule" a few years back. I wear pants and skirts with short sleeved tops or sweater sets, or a light dress with a cardigan over it. That way, you can take the cardigan (or blazer) off when you leave for the day and/or if you're feeling warm in your work area. When you leave your work area, you are asked to not be sleeveless. I work on the hospital/Phoenix campus and we have to walk between buildings to go grab lunch. That can be a toasty walk, but it's brief and there are some covered walkways in between. We try to keep trips over to the hospital as early in the day as possible.

One must have is a sunscreen for your windshield in your car…not attire, I know, but A MUST HAVE as touching your steering wheel when you first get in our car can be brutal if there's not a little shade on it! I start that practice now, but it is much more needed later in the summer. Our normal temps are around 95 right now…and in Arizona, that's not really bad! Any other questions, let me know!



Hello! I lived in Arizona my entire life up until 6 months ago and I agree with @thamernik! Definitely get a sunshade. There are also cloth seatbelt pads you can get to cover the metal piece of the seatbelt so it doesn't burn you when you get in the car and once you put on the seatbelt it also keeps the nylon from burning your neck while driving. I also recommend sunscreen especially if you are not use to the AZ sun. You may want to consider keeping some sunscreen in your desk, backpack, purse, or pocket. I personally wouldn't leave it in the car because it can get very hot. My wife actually uses makeup that has sunscreen in it.

The other thing I always recommend to people who are new to Arizona is making sure you drink enough water and are getting enough electrolytes. It can be a challenge during the end of May and the months of June, July, and August. It can get hot enough that your sweat evaporates so quickly that you don't even realize you are sweating. I lived in Arizona for 29 years and last year I wasn't paying attention to my water intake and I ended up having heatstroke, so it can happen to anyone. I always recommend reading up on heatstroke and heat exhaustion and knowing the signs and symptoms so you can alert someone and get medical help if needed. The Mayo Clinic website has great information on the symptoms of heatstroke and heat exhaustion if you are interested. Anyway, hope this helps and if you have any other questions I am happy to help!



Hi Andrew!! @amenard73 Thanks for your additions about ARZ. Good points! My moisturizer and makeup has sun protection in it as well…many do these days and it's a BIG help in ARZ! I hope you're doing well in MN! I miss you out here!!

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