Posted by madison @madisonmae, Aug 30 1:11pm

hii there!

i have my orientation tomorrow at the Gonda building. i am from out of town, so i plan to take the park and ride option from RCTC. my orientation is only until about noon, but i don't see any transportation times back to RCTC at this time.. do the buses run all day? i'm SO confused, looking for some insight.. thank you! 🙂

I have the same questions and also very confused about how the transportation works.


Rochester native here! Sorry this is a bit late for your orientation but I can help with the park and ride/busses in general. The times listed on the schedule for each route are the only times a bus goes to that location. The busses run all day, but don't go to each location all day. They usually go to most places on peak hours, typically when work starts and ends (rush hour ish). Though some places do have stops all day. The IBM P&R has stops all day because it's pretty much all Mayo employees using it with varying shifts. If the RCTC P&R doesn't fit your schedule, I would suggest looking at the fairgrounds P&R. There is an app called DoubleMap that allows you to track the busses in real time, especially if you are running late ("if I leave before the bus turns that corner, I can make it" – I have plenty of experience with this). Let me know if you have more questions!

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