Posted by Rebecca Trelstad @rebeccarahrmann, Apr 14, 2020

I'm on site today and need to pump and have everything except tubing! Anyone have tubing for either the lactation room pump or I have my Spectra pump just no tubing 🙁 If you have any I could use and are on site Downtown Rochester Please call me 3-5048 Thank you!!! Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,
I would recommend you call Charlton 3B OB Clinic appointment line 507-284-5135 and explain your situation and see if they can connect you with either the MC store or a nurse to guide you in locating some tubes. So frustrating! Good luck!


I was referred to the Mayo Store. Incase anyone is wondering. The membrane +caps set of 2 is $24.95. The tubing comes individually are $11.95 each. So, basically $50. For pump tubing. My husband is bringing mine now. Lesson learned and I won’t ever forget pumping supplies again. #firstdaybackfromworkingathome


So glad you have a husband able to bring them to you! Thank you for following up with us.

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