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Welcome to Go Green!

Posted by @amandab, Sep 13, 2017

Welcome to the group! Our world is growing increasingly complex and yet, it’s important that we recognize how we are all connected – to each other, to the natural world, and to all living things. Living a sustainable life means reducing our demand on natural resources and being mindful of our decisions and the impact they have on the environment. This is a place where we can share success stories, talk through challenges, ask questions and learn from one another.

My name is Amanda Holloway and I’m the moderator for the group. I’ve worked for Mayo Clinic for over 16 years (hard to believe – time flies!). I started as the Recycling Coordinator overseeing the daily operations at the Mayo Rochester Recycling Center. In my current role I have oversight of Rochester’s waste and recycling programs and am leading a project to create the business plan for a formal sustainability program at Mayo Clinic. In my free time I enjoy spending time outside hiking with my dog, birding, biking, gardening, kayaking, fishing with my husband…I’m pretty much game for any outdoor activity! I also help coordinate monthly gatherings of sustainably-minded community members in the Rochester area (Rochester Green Drinks). It’s been a great way to meet people with similar interests and learn about the variety of ways people are trying to make this world a better place.

I’d love to learn more about you and your interest in sustainability. Introduce yourself and feel free to start a discussion with a question you may have or a story you’d like to share about your sustainability journey.



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Posted by @cathyfraser, Sep 13, 2017

Amanda – great you are such a sustainability champion! Growing up in Washington State, I can’t help but being a tree hugger for the environment. I try to do my part (including an electric car!), but I know I can do more. Excited to be a part of this sustainability community.


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Posted by @solucky, Sep 18, 2017

Hi Amanda, I have a concern that I actually already reported to a young man’s supervisor and somehow got myself in trouble for doing it because the young man reported to my supervisor that I was harassing him and threatening him. All I did was ask him to be more careful about his water usage. He works at the Starbucks counter in St. Marys. Each time he makes a smoothee he puts the blender jar in the sink and runs the water. The water runs constantly, at times as long as a half hour. All he has to do is rinse out the container with his hand but he seems to have an aversion to getting his hands wet. Seriously. When he makes a new smoothee, the process starts all over again. When I told his supervisor, he turned off the water. When the supervisor left, the water came right back on. I honestly have not been back to the cafeteria since because it upsets me so much to see him waste water like that. He actually told me he doesn’t care and he is not in the least worried about his child’s future access to clean water. For fear of getting in more trouble, I just stay away. I have no interest in getting called out by my supervisor. However, staying away has not solved the problem. : (

Amanda Holloway

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Posted by @amandab, Sep 19, 2017

Hi @solucky, thanks for sharing your experience. This is a good example of how wasteful actions can have both environmental as well as financial implications. It’s a good reminder to be mindful of how we use water, even in the land of 10,000 lakes! I’ll reach out to you offline regarding your specific experience at Saint Marys. Thanks for being an advocate for the environment.

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